3/4" Thermostatic Valve with Volume Control
and 2-Way Diverter and Trim



Solid Brass Valve & Trim
Includes Thermostatic Valve
Shared 3 Port Water Flow.

List Price

Chrome: $1000.00

Flow Rate

GPM @ 60 PSI


Limited Lifetime Warranty


The SDL-100.4501CP Thermostatic valve features 3/4" NPT connections and has 3 outputs. The middle Handle sets the temperature and can regulate it to within 2 degrees Celsius. 

The top-most handle controls 2 out of the 3 outputs. It diverts water between output 1 and output 2. the top-most handle also has a off position to stop water flow from output 1 and 2. 

The bottom-most handle controls water flow for output 3. Water can simultaneously flow out of output 1 and 3 or output 2 and 3, but not 1 and 2. See water flow diagram for graphical view of how this product works in detail.